JCI Fukuoka
Junior Chamber International Fukuoka

Junior Chamber International Fukuoka

President Daisuke Suzuki


We, JCI Fukuoka which celebrates the 64th anniversary of its founding, have the long heritage of aspiration and realization power, strong leadership, deep ties with fellows, and the spirit of the founding.

The environment surrounding us is changing all the time in the transition in various times. However, in any age, compassion for others, the wish for mutual self-growth, and the desire to work diligently are the foundation of JCI Fukuoka.

JCI Fukuoka gathers a wide variety of managers and economic people. We have come to exercise for the development of the area and contribution to the area, considering each other, with our hearts and mind together in each era.

We are doing JCI activities because with a “wholehearted” feeling, we have a history of aiming to realize a bright and affluent society in Fukuoka, and encouraging community development and human resources development.

In the limited time of graduation at the age of 40, as a premature adolescence, let’s work together for the city of Fukuoka and the people of Fukuoka, with a “wholehearted” feeling and compassion, actively and aggressively.

Importance of the foundation

People always have something to protect. If it is an individual, it is a family, and at work, it is a company, a customer, an employee. We are able to do JCI activities because the family supports the family and the company is working hard for the company. Whatever wonderful effort we do, if we disagree with the family or company that supports us, the meaning of doing JCI activity will be diminished.

If we are aiming for a bright and affluent society, we need to conduct JCI activities with ourselves being obliged to constantly enrich our family and company, which is the most fundamental foundation. Always remember the attitude of returning learning gained by JCI activity to familiar existence, to grow with each other. Naturally, this is something that we must always cherish. Understanding this basis firmly will lead to gratitude beyond JCI activities.

For the future

As the society matures, such as the progress of urbanization in Fukuoka and the improvement of convenience of living by technological innovation, there are problems of the local society, such as declining home or regional educational power due to the trend toward nuclear families and the low birth rate, and degenerating the moral and normative consciousness.

However, the city of Fukuoka is called “a city full of humanity”, and the “environment where the community raises children” typified by Yamakasa is rooted. We cherished the compassion and connection of people and people. In order for children to continue shining, we believe that we need to take the initiative and educate children in society.

Many precious lives were lost in the Kumamoto earthquake that occurred in April 2016. Witnessing a major disaster in Kyushu, we became acutely aware of the lack of our disaster awareness preparation. We also felt that JCI’s greatness was the way JCI members around the country serve each other seriously. In Kyushu, the possibility of further disasters still remains, so Fukuoka City and citizens are raising awareness of disaster prevention. Among them, we will make use of JCI’s connection and aim to improve disaster prevention awareness.

Think about Fukuoka

Fukuoka city has an increasing population due to the goodness of living environment where urban functions are gathered more than other cities. On the other hand, Fukuoka /Hakata is a city where samurai and merchants merged in a long history, and it is also characterized by a deeply rooted cultural emphasis on vertical and horizontal human relationships.

Vibrant FUKUOKA created by young people with long history and culture. In order to fuse these to feel the breath of the new culture of Fukuoka, we need to dig up the culture that we should treasure in this town. By knowing that, we can plant pride and love for the city in people’s heart. We will incorporate the traditional culture which is the strength of Fukuoka and the essence of various fields, and create a new culture.

Growth, the real pleasure of life

We are inexperienced in adolescence. If we give up the challenge or stop thinking, we will not grow. We should not be satisfied with the current situation, and we need to act constantly and challenge the ideals. A challenge is never without a failure. Without failure, nothing will result in success. The passion we brought and the sweat we shed will surely lead to the hope and excitement of FUKUOKA people.

We joined JCI at various connections, then we have been meeting people and people, and overcoming many difficulties and challenges through activities. This leads to our self-growth. To do that, it is important to learn from the past, bring ideas and energy, and look back on everything even in the path, accumulating knowledge and research. By doing so, we can have a multifaceted vision and explore new values by ​​ourselves.

There is nothing useless in life. Even if it seems like a detour, it has resulted in more experiences than other people. It becomes a proof of our growth.

Interchange beyond barrier

JCI Fukuoka has a history of more than 60 years since its inception, and about 1,500 special members have been enrolled up to now. It is also a great appeal to us that we not only interact  with the same generation of peers, but also are nurtured through exchanges with highly experienced seniors, and enjoy the experience of many different businesses. Seniors performed the JCI movement in each era. Their accumulated experience became our wealth, and it is left as a great achievement.

People always have their own “treasure”, even though the place of birth, the environment, and the culture are different. When supplementing each other’s weaknesses and disadvantages, and sweating towards the same goal, by finding each “treasure” in such JCI activities and gathering our force, it will be a great force that can not be exceeded by one person.

In the limited time of graduation, we take initiatives for other people, discover “treasure” of each member, respect each other, and become a lifetime friend. Our driving force is the existence of friends who can trust each other.

Currently, Fukuoka, just like other cities, can not avoid exchanges with foreign countries because of the rapid globalization. By touching people of different cultures, we can feel the experiences and awareness which we could not know about, and it will lead us to expand our possibilities. In other words, it means we can get new values. We believe that exchanges beyond the barrier and its density are proportional to the number of new ideas and opportunities. Needless to say, it will lead to our growth and the future of town planning.


Educational Issue Committee

Children grow up not only in their homes, but also under the watchful eye of various people in schools and regions. Raising children truly means developing people who will support the future of Japan. It is not only by parents, but also everyone in the society. Let’s share this feeling that everyone is raising children in the society.


Environmental Issue Committee

In Japan, we do not know when, where, and what kind of disaster will occur. JCI spreads nationwide. Let’s utilize our own network, cooperate with the local community and administration, raise awareness of disaster prevention, and solve the problem we face in Fukuoka.


Regional Culture Creation Committee

Festivals and culture, which have been popular for a long time and rooted in the community, have not only their own values, but also deepen residents’ pride and affection for the local community. Furthermore, people find a home in those festivals and culture. Rather than creating a new culture, by studying the culture rooted in Fukuoka, and adding a new essence to it, let’s integrate old and new, and activate our town more.


Art and Culture Creation Committee

Art and culture bring fun, excitement, spiritual comfort and living joy to people, and fosters creativity as well as enriches our lives. JCI Fukuoka has a history that has led to the revitalization of the town by using art. Let’s enrich civic life more, revitalize the city, and increase inbound tourism to Fukuoka city.


Sports Culture Creation Committee

JCI Fukuoka has been engaged in activities to invigorate the town through sports including attracting Softbank Hawks, a professional baseball team, and Fukuoka marathon. Sports has the power to move people. Sports has been attracting a lot of people, not only to demonstrate personality, but also to disseminate to other people and cooperate with the community. Let’s use sports culture like this, revitalize people, rejuvenate the whole community, and create an attractive town.


In-house Training Committee

In JCI, due to the short years of enrollment, the period in which we should learn various things in JCI activities has drastically decreased. Based on such circumstances, let’s reconsider from a multifaceted perspective once and improve each other.


Training Committee

For potential members, teaching the history of JCI and the way to be a member of society, and raising intelligent JAYCEE  through orientation and committee visits will also give the committee members themselves a lot of notices and learning. Let’s dedicate all our strength on training with potential members and grow up together.


Membership Expansion Committee

Membership expansion is the starting point of our activity, and Membership Expansion Committee serves as the contacts of JCI Fukuoka. Since in JCI, we graduate at the age of 40, it will be difficult to maintain the organization unless we continue to expand, as well as people with high aspirations will decrease from the city of Fukuoka. With all members, let’s tell the potential members firmly the ideals and work on the expansion movement for the city of Fukuoka.


Relationship Committee

Throughout the year, let’s develop the exchanges with senior members, look back on the history of JCI Fukuoka, and connect to the 65th anniversary and the 70th anniversary. Let’s learn a lot from senior members, and try to build a relationship that will be a bridge to the future.


Membership Promotion Committee

The chance to exchange with members outside of each committee is mainly at a hobby meeting, but it has been limited. Let’s create a place where members who are currently enrolled at the same time can interact more actively than ever before. Also, in 2016 we signed a sister-chapters’ relationship with JCI South Saigon in Vietnam. As the first year of exchanging, let’s promote long lasting and fruitful exchanges like JCI Busan and JCI City Hong Kong.


Social Gathering Promotion Committee

“Okuru Yube, a graduation ceremony” is a big moment of the graduates who dedicated themselves to JCI activities in their environments and with their positions. It is also a very important ceremony at the end of every year, held with current members, family and senior members. Let’s promote friendship with graduates and make this ceremony memorable.


Public Relations Committee

Let’s send out information that allows JCI Fukuoka’ ideals and activities to be known not only by members but also by citizens. Let’s do branding JCI Fukuoka by various methods such as homepages, introduction videos, SNS etc. effectively and strategically.


Regular Meeting Committee

Regular Meeting is a valuable opportunity for members to gather in one place under the sponsorship of the president, leading to personal self-improvement through greetings from the president and lectures by various lecturers. Let’s make places where every member can get various awareness and growth, and plan and operate with hospitable minds.


General Affairs Committee

Let’s try to create an environment where members’ activities become more active, with the pride and awareness as “the essence of Fukuoka JC.” Let’s do a firm schedule management of the agenda and work on each meeting to proceed smoothly, in cooperation with Finance and Regulation Review Committee.


Finance and Regulation Review Committee

Let’s thoroughly review whether the content of the agenda, the project budget and settlement are appropriate, with pride and awareness as a committee to manage each member’s valuable membership fee. Also, as an organization recognized by society, let’s try to strengthen compliance in order to conduct fair and transparent activities.